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You're feeling anxious about where your furry family will stay while you enjoy your holiday?

You're worried they won't cope in noisy kennels?

You're apprehensive leaving them at the mercy of your unreliable neighbour?

Welcome to Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

Your premium luxury dog boarding retreat dedicated exclusively to small dog breeds, nestled in the stunning Cheshire countryside

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


safe, loving, kind

Easy booking steps



Your Loving Small Dog Luxury Home Boarding Cheshire 

We are very much a family-run business - a private home from home small dog luxury dog boarding experience in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, exclusively for small breeds. 

Not a franchise.  Not a big commercial organisation. You talk with us every time.

For your peace of mind, we are:

  • Professional Dog Nannies & Dog Trainers

  • Qualified Ofqual Level 3 Dog Behaviour 

  • Canine first aid trained

  • Over 30 years doggy expert experience 

  • Fully licensed at 5-star higher standard with Cheshire East Council

  • Fully insured with a reputable specialist insurer

  • Committed to providing the very highest standards of care for your furry family

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


As a loving dog mummy, you want the very best care for

your precious family member.

Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding is the best of the best

  • Exclusively small dog breeds, toy dog breeds and kindness (No big dogs)

  • All small breed dogs, as long as they're friendly (We especially LOVE Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!)

  • Your little dogs lovingly cared for in our own family home

  • 100% kennel-free luxury, free-roaming, sleep where they choose

  • 24hr Dog Nannies, your dogs are never left alone

  • Small groups of maximum 6 little dogs

  • Fun safe walks in the beautiful Cheshire countryside

  • Located 20 mins from Manchester Airport, convenient for drop offs and collections

  • Peace of mind while you are on holiday

Ready to book your little one's holiday?
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


You can read all our most frequently asked questions with our answers here

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


Book a trial assessment for your VIP dogs with Mary Puppins 

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


Your luxury dog home boarding stays can range from a long weekend to several months

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


You can enjoy bespoke 

1:1 Dog Training Sessions

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

Lovely Things Our Clients Say About Mary Puppins

“Kate and her team are undoubtably the best place to leave your fur baby. They provide home from home dog boarding and Chip loves going! She provides videos, updates.
I felt very relaxed on holiday knowing he was so happy! He even comes home with better manners. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Julie (Chip)

VIP Luxury Dog Home Boarding Client

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


your little ones will have the time of their lives

they will relax with us on our sofas, having tummy tickles, and share our family home, becoming part of our family for their stay. They'll make new friends, have fun playtimes and enjoy regular countryside walks, with healthy treats thrown in

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

Experience First Class Facilities

  • Access to acres of Cheshire countryside for a variety of off-road, fun adventures

  • Enrichment areas for learning and mental stimulation

  • Playtime zones with plenty of toys

  • Training area for 1:1 sessions

  • Full agility course for fun and confidence-building

  • Quiet, cosy areas for naps by the fire

  • Garden spa for holistic pampering

  • Secure, high fencing for safety

  • Locked, double-gated entrance for security

  • 24hr 4kHD  CCTV security

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire



Why Mary Puppins is the Best Place for Luxury Dog Home Boarding 



If you want a very different dog boarding experience to dog kennels for your much-loved family member, where fun and happiness are important, that's what we do

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire



and enjoy calm, structured socialisation with other small breed dogs
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
to keep their inquisitive minds, noses, and little doggy bodies busy
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
through trying new things and learning from the small pack of other well-balanced dogs
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
Get pampered, cuddled, kissed, played with, have adventures and come away with very happy doggy  memories 
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


Learn more about our  VIP Luxury Home from Home Dog Boarding below!

  • Are you dog kennels?
    No! We offer the exact opposite to large commercial dog kennels. We offer luxury dog home boarding for your little ones. There are no out-buildings, cages or kennels here. All dogs share our home with us and become part of our family for their entire holiday. We offer your little ones what they are used to at home - lots of love, kindness, 1:1 attention, free-roaming, sleep where they choose, all in a calm, peaceful lovely family home environment. Like we say, the exact opposite to large commercial dog kennels.
  • How far in advance do I need to book a Mary Puppins luxury dog home boarding place?
    As soon as you know your holiday dates, it's best to check that we have availability. We have a limited number of places and we get fully booked up super fast. A lot of our clients book multiple week-long blocks, up to a year in advance. ALL new clients must go through our registration process and new guest dogs must have a trial assessment. There are no exceptions to this. So please factor this in when making your enquiry. For this reason, we do not take last-minute bookings from new clients.
  • Can you take my small Cockapoo?
    No, we can't. We only accept small dog breeds and toy dog breeds. We fully appreciate that there are dogs who are small for their breed. Maybe even smaller than dogs we feature on our website. But we have drawn the line on the breeds we can and cannot accept for very good reason.
  • Which dog breeds do you accept?
    We specialise in small dog breeds and toy dog breeds only. No medium or big dogs! As a guide, we accept any dog equivalent in size or smaller than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as long as they are friendly. We cannot accept any dog breeds listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act, or dogs who are extremely boisterous, anti-social, destructive, excessively vocal, aggressive, or not fully house-trained. Here is the list of the breeds we do and do not accept.
  • Do you have children in your household? My dog is wary of kids.
    No, we no longer have children in our family. They are grown up. Our family home is quiet and calm.
  • Do you have cats in your household? My dog chases cats.
    No, we don't have any cats in our family. We're a dog-only family home.
  • Why are your drop off and pick up times so strict?
    We need to strictly adhere to drop offs between 4-5pm and pick ups by 10am on the final day. We run a very busy daily schedule for our guest and resident dogs - breakfasts, medication, walks, training, nap time, enrichment and playtime, cleaning, client communications, new client enquiries, multiple check-ins and check-outs. We are also respectful and considerate neighbours. So to avoid anti-social noise from multiple dogs barking at the arrival of visitors, we are strict with times. Our own family time and downtime is also crucial so no, we cannot accommodate your 1am pick up request. We'll be asleep. Clients arriving even 15 minutes late to their arranged appointment time may find that we are already out on walks and not able to wait around for them. Our current guest dogs are our priority and it is unfair to throw out their daily routine or miss a walk because someone is late.
  • What time can I drop off / pick up my dog?
    We accept doggy guests strictly between 4pm - 5pm. If you drop off at this time, it gives your dog time to settle in with us, have a play, have their dinner, maybe go for a little walk, before bedtime. Doggy guests need to be collected strictly by 10am the next/final day. We need to strictly adhere to these times as we run a tight busy schedule for our guest and resident dogs of breakfasts, medication, walks, showering dogs, playtimes, cleaning, multiple check outs and check ins. Clients arriving late may find that we are already out on walks. We are also respectful and considerate towards our neighbours and need to balance our own private family time. Please factor in our check in and check out times when planning your holiday as you may need to book in extra nights either side of your holiday dates.
  • Do you take female dogs in season or entire male dogs?
    No, we cannot accept a female dog who is either in season or due to come into season during the home boarding stay. So we only accept spayed female dogs. We only accept male dogs who have been neutered, no entire males.
  • Can we visit and meet you before my dog stays with you?
    Yes of course! We believe it's very important for you to meet us face to face, get to know us, ask questions, see our luxury dog home boarding set up and feel happy that you know your precious little one will be safe and loved while you are away. We always have a trial assessment stay before the main dog home boarding, to make sure everyone is happy (charged at the VIP package rate). We find that after the successful trial assessment stay, your little dog will be excited to come for the main dog home boarding as they are familiar with the house and us. We are not able to offer pre-visit visits before your dog's trial assessment. We do not have capacity to offer this to all the new enquiries we receive. You can see us, what we do and our set up on our instagram profile and our website.
  • Can we skip the trial assessment?
    No. The trial assessment is crucial for a successful main boarding stay. We get to know your little one and they us. We carry out a thorough professional assessment to see if they are suitable for our luxury home boarding. We do not accept any bookings without there having been a trial assessment beforehand. There are no exceptions to this.
  • What are you looking for during the trial assessment stay?
    We're looking at - how friendly your little dog is, - how well they get on with our resident dogs, Missy and Winnie, - are they well-behaved with good manners, - that they are fully house-trained and fully toilet-trained, - that they are non-aggressive to humans or other dogs, - that they are not anti-social, destructive or suffer from separation anxiety, - that they are not excessively vocal, - we are also getting to know their preferences for sleeping, playing, eating and going for walks. Every dog is different. Some don't like the rain, others love to play non stop! We are looking for how well your dog will fit into our family home, if we can accommodate their needs and make sure everyone is happy. If we assess your little one as not being suitable for our home boarding, please don't be offended. We are very thorough in our professional assessments as it's important we achieve the right fit on both sides and everyone is happy. So in everyone's best interests, we are highly selective. An unsuccessful trial assessment with us will usually mean that we believe a different pet care solution would better suit your little one. We will give you specific reasons why they have been unsuccessful. We believe in honesty and transparency with clients. Our no.1 priority is that dogs are happy and settled with us. While an unsuccessful trial assessment may be disappointing, it is better than having an unhappy dog while you are away.
  • Can you do a one-night overnight stay?
    No, we have a minimum three night stay policy. Anything less than three nights we've found to be too disruptive to the current guest dogs and our resident dogs. Our services have been designed specifically for holiday luxury dog home boarding. We are not casual pet-sitting for an occasional single night.
  • How long can my dog stay with you?
    We have guest dogs stay anywhere from long weekends to several-week-long stays. There is no maximum length of stay. We have a minimum stay of three nights.
  • My dog sleeps in a crate, can you offer this?
    Yes we can accommodate this, for those little doggies who feel safer sleeping in a cosy den. We are 100% kennel-free, free-roaming and your little dogs can sleep where they choose in the house. We do understand though that some dogs prefer their normal routine of sleeping in a unlocked crate at night. That's fine too. We tailor our care to your dog's preferences.
  • Do you accept a dog's titre testing?
    No, we are unable to accept dogs who have been titre tested.
  • Can you take my 6 dogs?
    No, we have limited places for up to a maximum of 4 guest dogs. This is as per our dog home boarding license issued by Cheshire East Council and is non-negotiable.
  • How many dogs do you have stay at one time?
    We're focused on giving the best bespoke care to small friendly groups, so everyone gets lots of love and individual attention. We only have a maximum of six small breed dogs at one time, with two Dog Nannies caring for them. We have an excellent ratio of maximum 3 dogs : 1 Dog Nanny. Your little one will benefit from consistently being with the same primary Dog Nanny for their entire holiday.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we are fully insured with a reputable specialist pet services insurance company. Clients are welcome to view our insurance documents when visiting us. ​
  • Are you licensed?
    Yes, we are fully licensed for dog home boarding with Cheshire East Council. Clients are welcome to view our Dog Home Boarding License on request when visiting us.
  • Are you qualified?
    Yes we are fully qualified in Canine First Aid, and Level 3 Ofqual Dog Behaviour Training Diplomas. We have over 30 years of dog handling and dog training experience with lots of different breeds and personalities.
  • How much exercise will my dog get? Where will you take them?
    This entirely depends on your dog! We tailor our care to your dog's needs. Whether elderly or very fit, we take them for appropriate-length walks. We usually take them out at least once a day, and we vary our routes to keep things interesting. We go for a good mix of local, urban walks through the village, and to local parks and countryside. We also find that dog guests love our doggy adventures so we regularly go further afield to National Trust parks, big country parks and beaches. We also make sure they get plenty of exercise in the secure garden, playing with toys, playing fun games with us, having supervised interaction with the other small dogs and having plenty of sniffing time. Then they can choose where to settle for some important calm, down time.
  • How will I know if my dog settles in well and is ok while I'm away?
    You are very welcome to keep in touch while you are away. We will send you regular updates via Whatsapp, with photos and videos of your little dog having a great time, so that you can feel reassured that they are absolutely fine and settled. We have over 30 years of experience with dogs, so we'll manage any issues that arise through discussion with you. As 24-hour Dog Nannies, your dogs are never left alone. We do our absolute best to make sure they love their doggy holiday, giving you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday!
  • What do I need to bring for my dog's holiday?
    You'll need to bring your little dog's bed, blanket, toys, grooming brush, coat, collar, enough food for the duration of the stay, treats, poo bags and any medication they'll need while they are with us. Having their familiar smell on their bed/blanket is a great source of comfort for your dog and helps to settle them into their second home quicker. Likewise, we keep your dog on their usual dog food to avoid upset tummies. ​
  • What information about my dog do I need to provide?
    Before your dog stays with us, we ask you to fill out our online Client Registration Form. This is where you can tell us everything you think we need to know about your dog's preferences. There is also a section where you give your permission for us to take your dog to the vet's in an emergency. We ask for proof that your dog is fully up to date with their flea and worming treatments. Cheshire East also require us to have a copy of your dog's up to date vaccination records, so we ask you for that too. It is important that you disclose any behavioural or medical issues that may affect our provision of care as per our terms and conditions. We give you multiple opportunities to fully disclose all important information about your dog. Please note - if you are thinking of 'not mentioning' your dog's excessively vocal behaviour, or that they toilet in the house, or are reactive/aggressive to other dogs, or that significant medical condition that needs monitoring, we will soon find this out during their trial assessment. They will fail their trial assessment and you will be in breach of our terms and conditions. No refund will be issued. You will not be able to booked with us in future.
  • Does my dog need to have the kennel cough vaccination before their stay with you?
    Yes we require that all dogs have an up to date kennel cough vaccination before their stay with us. This needs to be done at least 4 weeks before their stay.
  • When do I pay?
    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place and secure your booking. We require that full balance payment be made at least one month before the boarding date and within 24hrs of receiving our invoice to secure your dog's place. For bookings made with less than one month until the arrival date, we require full payment on booking to reserve your place. For trial assessment bookings, we require full payment on booking to reserve your place.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We only accept bank transfer.
  • Are 'thank you' tips and gifts allowed?
    Yes, they are always gratefully received and much appreciated. Although optional and discretionary.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you cancel your booking within four weeks prior to your boarding date, your full deposit and balance payment is due/non-refundable. If you book within one month of the boarding date, the full amount is due immediately to secure the booking. If you wish to collect your dog earlier than the agreed collection date, we cannot offer any refund. For trial assessments, fully payment is required to secure the place. Please note that you are buying our professional assessment of whether your dog is suitable for our home boarding. If in our professional opinion the trial is unsuccessful within the first few hours of arrival, we may require that you collect your dog earlier than planned. We believe it is cruel to keep an unhappy dog with us for a prolonged period and that is not acceptable to us. We will not be able to offer any refund as we will already have completed our professional assessment of your dog.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    No we don't offer any discounts for long stays, early/advance booking, multiple bookings, multiple dogs from the same household or any other situation. Each doggy guest receives the highest level of bespoke professional Dog Nanny care for 24hrs a day. We are fully booked months in advance, at the full price, and hold a waiting/cancellation list for our busiest periods. To be fair to existing clients and new clients alike, we keep our pricing transparent and the same for everyone. ​



Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
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