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The Mary Puppins Brand Promise

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

We Treat Your Small Dog As Precious Family

Mary Puppins is leading the transformation in how your furry family members and small dog breeds UK are cared for in high-end home dog boarding Cheshire in the UK pet care industry.  An important part of our elevation on industry standards is through our Brand Promise, which includes:

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

The Mary Puppins

VIP Experience

  • 100% Cage-Free, free-roaming Luxury Home Dog Boarding

  • All Inclusive VIP Package - No hidden fees

  • Structured socialisation with other small breeds dogs

  • Fun dog adventures in small packs

  • Professionally trained and dedicated Mary Puppins Dog Nannies

  • Calm and relaxed loving home environment designed to avoid stress

  • Raw food diets accommodated 



Mary Puppins delivers a five-star luxury experience for all our VIP dog guests. Our first-class dog home boarding facilities have been specifically designed around the safety, comfort and wellbeing of your small dog and to comply with The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.


We have been awarded a 5-star rated higher standard license by Cheshire East Council.  We are proud to lead the way in the luxury pet hospitality industry, and provide the best VIP doggy holidays and 5-star excellent service to our clients. Our luxury small dog boarding becomes your small dog's happy holiday retreat, providing a cosy home from home while giving you as dog mummies true peace of mind.

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

The Mary Puppins

Clean System

  • State-of-the-art air-filtration systems to sanitise the indoor air.

  • Multiple fresh air changes per hour to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and odour

  • All dog toys, dog feeding and water bowls are washed at high temperatures and changed regularly

  • DEFRA-approved disinfectants

  • Artificial lawn designed specifically for dogs that is easy to sanitise and keep clean


At Mary Puppins, we ensure our home dog boarding facility is not only immaculate and smells like an exclusive spa, but fully sanitised with DEFRA-approved disinfectant.  

The disinfectant we use in our deep cleans is industry-leading, vegan-friendly, animal-cruelty free, and environmentally-friendly.  

We're five-star at every level.  The suppliers we work with are the best of the best. 

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire

The Mary Puppins

Dog Nannies

  • Are highly-qualified, and professionally-trained small dog experts

  • Are friendly, helpful and experienced

  • Receive high-quality Continuing Professional Development

  • Directors stay abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices

  • Abide by our Mary Puppins Professional Code of Ethics and Brand Promise 

  • Will love your small dog 

  • Provide 5-star boutique hotel quality client service



Our clients tell us our Dog Nannies are the best in the business. Caring staff members are already dog lovers, then Mary Puppins professionally trains each one - providing excellent client service, small dog expertise and peace-of-mind.


The result is always a comfortable, safe and fun-filled VIP holiday experience for your precious family member!

Healthy treats and unlimited cuddles are given freely!

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire


that you:

  • are open and honest about any of your dog's problematic behaviour (excessively vocal, aggressive, anti-social, resource guarding, jumping fences, destructive, separation anxiety, toileting in the house, scent marking indoors)

  • fully declare all important information regarding your dog's medical history and conditions

  • respect and understand that not declaring important information to us will affect our ability to provide high-quality pet care, is in breach of our terms and conditions and will result in us cancelling your booking with no refund

  • are polite and respectful towards us

  • agree to respect our professional judgement on your dog's behaviour and suitability for our pet care

  • understand that we have a zero tolerance policy towards any disrespectful, aggressive, bullying, violent, manipulative, threatening, inappropriate or negative behaviour from anyone.  Such behaviour will result in swift action and immediate refusal of all your attempts to book with us in future

If this sounds like a tough ask, respectfully, please go elsewhere. 

Mary Puppins Luxury Home Dog Boarding Cheshire
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