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Free Dog Mummy Guide To Responsible Dog Walking

Updated: Feb 22

Dog mummy responsible dog walking with small dog

As a top tier dog mummy, you can play a vital role in protecting the beautiful Cheshire countryside you and your furry family member love while enjoying responsible dog walking.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a harmonious coexistence with nature and wildlife while embracing your small dog's company.

Dog Mummy - Keep Control of Your Small Dog!

As a dog mummy of a small dog, you know that they can be especially curious and energetic.

For responsible dog walking, always keep your dog on a short leash to protect ground-nesting birds and livestock.

Suppose you encounter cattle during your dog walking, then it's best to release your pup temporarily and call them back when it's safe.

Always avoid groups of cows with young as they can move to protect their calves and put you in a difficult situation where you may be injured.


"Dog walkers can play an important role in keeping the countryside safe for everyone by picking up any litter you see, even if it’s not yours, and safely disposing of it in a bin. Many dogs will show interest in livestock and even if you think your dog wouldn’t harm another animal, accidents can happen.

Dogs can easily frighten animals; ewes and lambs, in particular. Ewes can abort their unborn lambs, be separated from the herd and be seriously injured if they come into contact with dogs. Give livestock plenty of space, and don’t try to feed them as it might cause them harm." RSPCA


Dog Mummy - Do You Always Pick Up After Your Small Dog?

While responsible dog walking, a top tier dog mummy understands that cleaning up after their small dogs is essential.

Ensuring a clean environment for everyone is crucial, so dispose of your dog's waste in a nearby bin.

If no bins are available, be a VIP (Very Important Pet owner) and take it home with you to keep the surroundings pristine.

Dog Mummy Responsible Dog Walking - Choose Your Path Wisely

Always ensure you're in designated areas when going on responsible dog walking adventures.

Occasionally, you may be asked to use an alternate route to protect nature, cared-for places, and local wildlife.

Look for signage, especially on coastal and cliff-top trails.

Dog Mummy - Mind Your Manners!

While our dogs are beloved members of our families, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for dogs.

To be a considerate dog mummy, dog dad, or dog parent, it's essential to prevent your small dog approaching other individuals, particularly children.

Some children are scared of dogs, so your dog being allowed to jump up can be very intimidating.

Keeping your small dog on a lead ensures that everyone can enjoy responsible dog walking and nature without feeling uncomfortable.

Dog Mummy - Train Your Small Dog

To enjoy your precious time with your small dog, it's important to ensure that they are trained in the fundamental commands.

As a top-tier dog mummy, you not only want to be in control of your small dog at all times, you may also enjoy the satisfaction of your dog being the best trained when out responsible dog walking!

Show everyone how it's done!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a responsible dog mummy can significantly impact preserving nature while enjoying the great outdoors.

By controlling your small dog, tidying up after them, choosing paths wisely, and minding your manners, you can contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.

After all, dogs are family, and by following these guidelines, in The Countryside Code, you can show your love and respect for nature and wildlife during your dog adventures.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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dog mummy responsible dog walking with Mary Puppins

Mary Puppins dog mummy guide responsible dog walking

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