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How To Help Your Rescued Small Breed Dog Settle Into Their New Home

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a rescue dog into your home is a rewarding experience that can profoundly impact both your lives.

At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, located amidst the serene landscapes of Cheshire, we understand the significance of this decision.

This rings especially true for owners of small dog breeds and toy dog breeds, who often regard their canine companions as VIP members of their family.


"Rescuing an adult dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But it's important to remember that your new best friend has their own story." - Dogs Trust


As you embark on the journey

of adopting a rescue dog, one of the primary considerations should be where your new cherished four-legged friend will spend their doggy holidays.

Our distinguished boutique animal hotel in Cheshire prides itself on providing 5-star dog boarding services, offering your beloved pets a luxurious and affectionate environment.

Selecting the right

rescue dog to integrate into your home is a critical consideration when thinking about adopting a rescue dog.

Your living situation plays a vital role in this decision; for instance, small dogs may thrive in apartment living, while larger breeds may require more space to flourish.

Do you have a dog already?

Many rescue dogs have never lived in a home before so benefit hugely from living with another more confident dog.

They can learn about the rules of the house, where to sleep, where to toilet, and how to walk on a lead from a calm family dog.

Conducting a comprehensive behavioural assessment of the potential canine addition to your family is paramount, especially if you have other dogs at home.

Furthermore, a thorough vet dog health check is essential to ensure the well-being of your new companion.

Specific medical needs may be applicable, particularly for small dog breeds, making the guidance of our Dog Nannies invaluable.

Dog training and socialisation

are integral aspects of your rescue dog's development, particularly for small dog breeds.

Our experienced team at Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding is well-equipped to provide expert guidance in these areas.

Lastly, it is imperative to

remember that adopting a rescue dog signifies a long-term commitment.

Dogs, regardless of their size or breed, rely on their owners for love, care, and attention throughout their lives.

At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, we are unwavering in our dedication to ensuring that your canine family members receive the highest standard of care and affection during their stay with us.

By following these steps

and providing love, patience, and consistency, you can help your rescue dog settle into their new home successfully.

Every dog is unique, and their adjustment period may vary, but with your guidance and care, they can thrive in their loving new environment.


How long does it take for a rescue dog to adjust to a new home?

The time it takes for a rescue dog to adjust to a new home varies depending on the dog's personality, past experiences, and the new home's environment.

Some dogs may adjust within a few days, while others may take weeks or even months to settle in fully.

What should I do on the first day with my rescue dog?

When first meeting your rescue dog, make the space feel cosy and welcome.

Give your dog lots of love and comfort, let them explore their new environment at their speed, and create a schedule for feeding, resting, and bathroom breaks.

Keep interactions positive and low-key to help your dog feel safe and secure.

How can I make my rescue dog feel safe?

To make your rescue dog feel safe, provide a predictable routine, a comfortable and quiet space to retreat to, and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Avoid overwhelming your dog with too much activity or attention, and give them time and space to adjust to their new environment.

Consistency, patience, and gentle encouragement are crucial to helping your dog feel secure.

What are some common behavioural issues in rescue dogs, and how can they be addressed?

Common behavioural issues in rescue dogs may include fearfulness, anxiety, aggression, and house-training problems.

These issues can often be addressed through patience, positive reinforcement training, and consistency.

Consulting with a qualified behaviourist or dog trainer can also help with specific behavioural issues by offering direction and assistance.

How can I help my rescue dog deal with separation anxiety?

Your rescue dog may have less separation anxiety if you gradually acclimatise them to being left alone. Start with little amounts of time and work your way up to longer ones.

To further reduce anxiety, give each other lots of mental and physical stimulation when you're together, such as engaging toys and frequent exercise.

Creating a safe and comfortable space for your dog to be alone may also make them feel more relaxed when you're not around by providing them with a container or special place.

Additionally, consider consulting with a veterinarian or behaviourist for additional support and guidance in managing separation anxiety.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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mary puppins small dog breeds uk

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