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Easy Indoor Dog Enrichment For Your Small Breed Dog

Updated: Feb 22

Small dog with easy engaging indoor dog enrichment toys

Easy Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - Keep Your Small Dog Busy and Banish Boredom

At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, we understand the importance of providing regular engaging indoor doggy enrichment for small dog breeds.

Engaging in stimulating activities allows small dogs to use their natural instincts and intelligence, promoting a healthy and happy life.

In this article, we will explore some fun and interactive DIY home activities perfect for small dog breeds at our VIP dog Cheshire home dog boarding.


"Encouraging your dog to learn or use their brain is called cognitive, or mental, enrichment. It challenges your dog's ability to think, learn, and remember. Activities include puzzles and problem-solving exercises, training or learning new tricks or behaviour and exploring new environments." - Guide Dogs.


Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - Tug Of War

A classic game of tug-of-war with a safe pull toy can be a fantastic way for your small breed companion to burn off excess energy.

Remember to strike a balance between excitement and fun without overstimulating your furry family member.

After a high-energy play and engaging indoor doggy enrichment session, engage their minds with scatter feeding to help them unwind.

Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - For What's in the Box?

Dogs, just like us, enjoy the thrill of discovering surprises.

For engaging indoor doggy enrichment, create excitement by taking an empty cardboard box and filling it with doggy towels, cleverly hiding dog food treats inside.

Your dog's sense of smell will come to the rescue as they solve this delightful puzzle.


"Regular enrichment is not only fun but it is a great way for dogs to engage their brain and use their natural instincts, like smelling, playing and scavenging. Enrichment activities for your dog can take place both indoors or out and in this blog post we've identified a few DIY home activities you can create yourself." - Bruce's Doggy Daycare.


Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - Scavenger Hunt

Engage your small dog's curious nose with a thrilling game of hide and seek.

For engaging indoor doggy enrichment, show them some treats and have them wait while you create a trail of enticing scents.

Get creative with your hiding spots to make their search a challenging and enjoyable experience.

Dog toys, engaging indoor doggy enrichment activities

Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - Puzzle Toys, Snuffle Mats, and Kongs

To stimulate your furry companion's mental abilities with engaging indoor doggy enrichment, offer interactive toys like snuffle mats, Kongs, and puzzle toys.

These engaging tools encourage foraging behaviour and satisfy their natural instincts. They get the treats as the reward after they put the work in!

Engaging Indoor Doggy Enrichment - Dog Training

Take advantage of indoor time to polish up on tricks and commands.

Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding encourages you to practice with your furry family member using positive reinforcement.

Our team of Mary Puppins Dog Nannies knows the ins and outs of dog learning, ensuring a Crufts-ready performance.

FAQs about indoor dog enrichment activities:

What is canine enrichment and why is it so important?

Canine enrichment is any interaction or activity you provide your dog to stimulate their senses, engage their minds, or move their bodies.

Providing your dog with enrichment is essential because it can improve their quality of life, prevent boredom, build confidence, teach skills, and reduce anxiety.

What are the benefits of indoor enrichment for dogs?

Some of the benefits of indoor enrichment for dogs are:

- It can keep them occupied and entertained when the weather is bad or when you are busy

- It can provide mental stimulation and challenge their cognitive abilities

- It can help them cope with stress and frustration

- It can prevent destructive behaviours and unwanted habits

- It can improve your relationship and dialogue with your dog.

What are the different types of canine enrichment?

There are different types of canine enrichment that you can offer your dog indoors, such as:

- Food-based enrichment:

You can use food puzzles, interactive feeders, lick mats, or homemade toys to make mealtime or playtime more fun and rewarding for your dog.

- To keep your dog's mind engaged and sharp,

you may teach them new skills and behaviours, play mental games, training exercises, scent games, and agility courses.

- Environmental enrichment:

You can expose your dog to new and varied stimuli, such as different sounds, smells, textures, or objects, to enrich their senses and curiosity.

- Social enrichment:

You can interact with your dog through play, grooming, massage, or cuddles to give them affection and attention.

How can I keep my dog's mind active indoors?

You can keep your dog's mind active indoors by providing them with brain games that require them to think and problem-solve.

Some examples are:

- Scent games: You can conceal toys or sweets in different containers or locations and let your dog sniff them.

- Setting up an obstacle course is one way to practise agility for your dog using household items and guide them through it using cues and rewards.

- Learning new tricks: You can teach your dog new tricks or behaviours using positive reinforcement and clicker training.

What are some DIY home activities for indoor enrichment for dogs?

Some DIY home activities for indoor enrichment for dogs are:

- Hide and seek:

You can hide treats, toys, or yourself around the house and let your dog find them using their nose.

- Muffin tin game:

You may fill part of a muffin tin's holes with sweets, then cover them with tennis balls.

To get to the rewards, your dog must figure out how to get rid of the balls.

- Bottle spinner:

Drill holes in a plastic bottle and stuff it with kibble to create a spinning toy.

After that, you can suspend it from a rod or thread and let your dog spin it to allow the food to fall out.

- Tug of war:

You may use a towel or a rope toy to play tug of war with your dog.

They can practise impulse control and let off steam by doing this.

- Obstacle course:

You may use chairs, crates, pillows, blankets, and other everyday objects to construct an obstacle course for your dog.

Canine enrichment is essential to your pet's general health and pleasure.

You can keep your dog mentally stimulated, physically active, and emotionally fulfilled by providing various forms of enrichment, such as food-based activities, brain games, environmental exposure, and social interaction.

Indoor enrichment activities offer numerous benefits, including keeping your dog occupied during inclement weather, fostering mental stimulation, reducing stress, preventing destructive behaviours, and strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

Incorporating DIY home activities for indoor enrichment adds fun and excitement to your dog's routine, encourages creativity, and strengthens the human-canine relationship.

Therefore, prioritise canine enrichment in your daily interactions with your dog to ensure they lead a fulfilling and enriched life.

At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, we take pride in offering a premier experience for toy dog breeds and small breed dogs.

Our 5-Star VIP home dog boarding Cheshire is dedicated to providing doggy holidays that are tailored to your dog's individual needs.

As passionate Dog Nannies, we treat every dog with the utmost care, making them feel cherished and loved during their stay at our boutique animal hotel.

Engaging indoor enrichment activities tailored to small dog breeds can contribute significantly to their overall happiness and well-being.

At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding in Cheshire, we celebrate the unique personalities of each dog, providing them with a delightful and comfortable stay during their doggy holidays.

Invest in the happiness of your small dog breeds with enriching fun activities, and let them know they are cherished members of your family.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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