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Free Fun Activities For Your Small Pooch On Christmas Day

Updated: Feb 22

small pooch on Christmas Day, free fun activities for small dogs

Small Pooch Excitement On Christmas Day

As Christmas Day approaches, the excitement of celebrating with our small pooch takes centre stage.

This guide will explore delightful and safe activities tailored for our furry companions during the festive season.

The objective is to offer ideas that ensure your small pooch's joy and safety on Christmas Day.

From interactive games to special treats, we'll explore various activities to make the holiday season memorable for you and your beloved furry friend.


“Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy with your canine companion. There are plenty of festive activities you can do together, such as going for a winter walk, playing with snow, baking dog-friendly treats, or snuggling up by the fire.” - RSPCA, animal welfare charity


Create Connection With Your Small Pooch

Join us in discovering how to create moments of happiness and connection with your small pooch amid the festive cheer, blending the magic of Christmas Day with the companionship of your cherished canine.

Creating a festive atmosphere for your small pooch on Christmas Day involves thoughtful touches that cater to their comfort and joy.

Consider these suggestions

Small Pooch-Safe Christmas Day Decorations

Opt for dog-friendly Christmas Day decorations that pose no harm to your small pooch.

Avoid using items that could be easily chewed, swallowed, or present a choking hazard.

Durable, non-toxic ornaments and pet-safe garlands can add a touch of festivity without compromising your furry family member's safety.

Cosy Small Pooch Bed or Blanket Nook

Designate a cosy nook with your small pooch's bed or blanket, creating a comfortable retreat amidst the Christmas Day hustle.

This space is a refuge where they can relax and observe the festivities from a secure vantage point.

Small Pooch-Safe Christmas Day Scents

Enhance the ambiance with small pooch-safe scents.

Avoid vigorous or potentially harmful scents and opt for subtle fragrances like lavender or chamomile, known for their calming effects on dogs.

Small Pooch Interactive Toys and Treats

Enrich your small pooch's Christmas Day experience with interactive toys and special treats.

Consider puzzle toys that dispense treats, providing mental stimulation and entertainment.

Ensure treats are safe and appropriate for your dog's size and dietary needs.

Calm Background Music

Play soothing background music to maintain a calm atmosphere.

Gentle tunes can help soothe any potential anxiety and create a serene environment for your small pooch.

By introducing these simple yet effective ideas, you can craft a festive atmosphere that embraces the holiday spirit while prioritising the well-being of your small pooch on Christmas Day.

Christmas Enrichment Activities

Engaging your small pooch in interactive play on Christmas Day can be entertaining and bonding.

Tailor these play ideas to suit the size and preferences of your furry family member.

1. Miniature Fetch with Safe Toys:

Opt for small, soft toys suitable for your small pooch's size.

Play a gentle game of fetch, ensuring the toys are easy to carry and won't pose a choking hazard.

2. Christmas-Themed Hide and Seek:

Hide small treats or toys around the house for your small pooch to find.

This Christmas-themed hide-and-seek not only stimulates their senses but also adds an element of festive fun.

3. Puzzle Feeders or Toys:

Provide puzzle feeders or toys designed for small dogs.

These interactive devices dispense treats as your small pooch figures out how to access them, offering mental stimulation and reward.

4. Tug-of-War with Soft Ropes:

Engage in a light game of tug-of-war using soft ropes or tug toys.

Ensure the play remains controlled, allowing your tiny pooch to exert energy without the risk of injury.

5. Mini Agility Course:

Create a mini agility course using low obstacles and tunnels suitable for small dogs.

Guide your tiny pooch through the class with treats or toys, fostering physical and mental stimulation.

These interactive play ideas not only entertain but also contribute to the well-being of your small pooch on Christmas Day.

Adapt the activities to their preferences and energy levels, ensuring a joyful and engaging celebration for both of you.

small pooch on Christmas Day

Christmas Dog Treats

Consider creating DIY dog treats and personalised stockings for a delightful Christmas Day surprise for your small pooch.

Here's a combination of easy-to-make treats and stocking ideas:

DIY Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Bites

- Mix whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and a mashed banana.

Shape into small bites and bake until golden brown.

These treats offer a delightful combination of flavours.

Festive Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

- Combine plain yoghurt with dog-friendly fruits like blueberries or diced apples.

Freeze the mixture in silicone moulds for refreshing, icy treats.

Turkey and Sweet Potato Cookies

- Create a dough using ground turkey, mashed sweet potato, and oat flour.

Cut into festive shapes and bake for a savoury holiday snack.

Special Stockings

Personalised Name Tag

- Craft a name tag with your small pooch's name and attach it to the stocking.

This adds a personalised touch to their Christmas surprise.

Assorted Treats

- Fill the stocking with the DIY treats you've prepared, ensuring a mix of flavours and textures.

It's a festive and tasty surprise for your furry friend.

Small Interactive Toys

- Include small toys that stimulate your small pooch mentally.

This could be a puzzle toy or a squeaky plushie, adding excitement to the stocking.

These DIY treats and stockings contribute to the festive atmosphere and provide your small pooch with a tailored Christmas experience.

Always ensure the treats align with your dog's dietary needs and preferences for a safe and enjoyable holiday celebration.

Capturing Precious Moments

Preserving the joy of Christmas Day with your small pooch involves capturing those precious moments.

Try these simple yet effective ways to create lasting memories:

1. Festive Photoshoot:

Dress your tiny pooch in a cute holiday-themed outfit and stage a photoshoot.

Use natural light and focus on candid moments, immortalising the festive spirit.

2. Snapshot of Gift Unwrapping:

Capture the excitement as your small pooch unwraps their unique Christmas gifts.

The genuine reactions make for heartwarming photographs.

3. Candid Moments by the Tree:

Position your small pooch near the Christmas tree and capture candid moments of exploring the festive decorations.

These shots beautifully encapsulate the magic of the holiday season.

Remember to get down to your small pooch's eye level for a more intimate perspective.

With these photography tips, you'll enjoy the festive day together and have visual treasures to cherish for years to come.


“Dogs love to be part of the family, especially at Christmas. You can make your pooch feel special by including them in your holiday traditions, such as decorating the tree, opening presents, or singing carols. Just make sure to keep them safe and comfortable, and avoid anything that could harm them, such as chocolate, mistletoe, or tinsel.” - The Kennel Club, dog breeders’ Association.


How to make your small dog happy on Christmas day?

You can make your small dog happy on Christmas day by giving them attention, affection, and stimulation.

You can also spoil them with a new toy, a cosy bed, or a tasty treat.

Just remember to keep them away from anything dangerous or stressful, such as loud noises, unfamiliar guests, or toxic foods.

What are some fun games to play with your small dog on Christmas day?

Some fun games to play with your small dog on Christmas day are hide and seek, fetch, tug of war, or puzzle toys.

These games can keep your dog entertained, active, and mentally challenged.

You can also try some festive-themed games, such as hiding treats in a stocking, wrapping up a toy in paper, or dressing up in a Santa hat.

How to keep your small dog warm and cosy on Christmas day?

You can keep your small dog warm and cosy on Christmas day by providing them with a comfortable place to sleep, such as a crate, a bed, or a blanket.

You can also dress them in a sweater, a coat, or a scarf if they get cold quickly.

If you take them outside, protect their paws from snow, ice, or salt, and dry them off when you return inside.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ensuring a joyful Christmas Day for your small pooch involves a thoughtful blend of interactive activities, festive treats, and cherished memories.

From creating a safe and lively atmosphere to engaging in play and crafting personalised stockings, these ideas cater to the unique needs of small dogs.

Incorporating DIY treats, special stockings, and memorable photographs adds a personal touch to the celebration.

Embrace the holiday spirit with your small pooch, making Christmas a time of joy, connection, and lasting memories.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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Small Pooch on Christmas Day with Mary Puppins

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