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Love Designer Dog Fashion, Dog Mummies?

Updated: Feb 21

Designer dog fashion for dog mummies with small dog in jumper

Stylish Designer Dog Fashion For Dog Mummies

In the realm of canine attire, choosing the best designer dog fashion accessories for your small breed dog can appear a formidable task, especially for those dog mummies embarking on their journey as dog owners.

Our team of expert Dog Nannies at Mary Puppins luxury dog home boarding has gathered to offer their top recommendations for superior leads, harnesses, collars, and coats, catering to various canine needs and preferences.


"Designer dog clothes are more than just fashion. They can also provide your pet with protection from the elements, help to prevent skin damage, and serve as a barrier against dirt and allergens." - PetGuide


Designer Dog Fashion Dog Leads

Our first designer dog fashion accessories suggestion leans towards the double-ended dog lead, proving to be an excellent choice for effectively managing your canine companion, particularly during their initial phases of on-lead training.

Alternatively, a training lead boasting a soft, comfortable texture serves as a viable option for all dog mummies.

Designer Dog Fashion Dog Harnesses

Rising as our favoured choice of designer dog fashion accessories are the wonderfully designed and colourful dog harnesses by Pawsome Paws Boutique, meticulously designed with interchangeable components tailored to diverse shapes, ages, and sizes, ensuring a secure, snug, and comfortable fit for your beloved pet.

In parallel, Charlie & Co's gorgeous harnesses present a fabulous alternative, for dog mummies. For those unfamiliar with harnesses, it is pivotal to introduce this designer dog fashion accessory gradually, fostering a positive association and allowing your dog to acclimate to this new addition.

Designer Dog Fashion Dog Collars

Distinct breeds necessitate different designer dog fashion collar and accessories types.

Notably, brachycephalic breeds often find greater comfort in a snug-fitting harness rather than a collar.

Dog mummies with Frenchies often find this is the case. Both buckle and clip collars prove equally effective, with due consideration given to the buckle's weight on your dog's neck and the robustness of the fastening mechanism. To promote well-being, refrain from utilizing choke, prong, and half-check collars on small breed dogs and companion pets.

Designer Dog Fashion Dog Coats

Highly-recommended is the Equafleece brand of designer dog fashion accessories, encompassing an array of Polartec fleeces catering to various preferences.

Equally, Barbour and Le Chamaeu do some very stylish dog coats and accessories for dog mummies who prefer the country style. Incorporating these elements into your dog's attire ensures not only their comfort but also a stylish and functional ensemble to accompany them on their various dog walk adventures.

Who knows? You may even want to go with matching accessories with your small dog.


"Dressing up your dog in clothes is a fun way to show off their personality and celebrate special occasions. But it's important to remember that not all dogs enjoy wearing clothes. If you do dress up your dog, make sure they are comfortable and can move freely. Safety should always be your first priority." - American Kennel Club


What are the top designer dog fashion trends for dog mummies? 

Dog fashion has evolved significantly, offering various trendy options for dog mummies to style their furry companions.

Some of the top designer dog fashion trends include stylish dog coats, fashionable harnesses, and accessories that reflect the latest human fashion trends.

From elegant patterns and luxurious fabrics to functional yet trendy designs, these trends allow dog mummies to express their style while keeping their pups comfortable and stylish.

How can dog mummies style their dogs with designer fashion?


Dog mummies have endless possibilities when styling their canine companions with designer fashion.

They can start by selecting garments and accessories that complement their dog's size, breed, and personality.

Whether it's a chic dog coat to keep them warm in colder weather or a trendy harness for walks in the park, coordinating colours, patterns, and styles can create a cohesive and fashionable look.

Additionally, adding whimsical touches to their look with accessories like bandanas, bow ties, or sunglasses is a great idea.

What are the best designer fashion brands for dogs? 

Several designer fashion brands specialise in creating high-quality and stylish dog apparel and accessories.

The best-known brands include Ralph Lauren Pets, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Stella McCartney.

Dog moms may discover the ideal items to match their dog's style and tastes thanks to the extensive selection of products these manufacturers offer, which vary from chic collars and leashes to opulent jackets and sweaters.

How does designer dog fashion enhance the lifestyle of dog mummies and their pets? 

Designer dog fashion allows dog mummies to express their style. It enhances the lifestyle of dog mummies and their pets in various ways.

By investing in high-quality and stylish apparel and accessories, dog mummies can provide their furry companions with comfort, protection, and warmth while making a fashion statement.

Moreover, dressing their dogs in designer fashion can strengthen the bond between dog mummies and their pets, creating opportunities for shared experiences and lasting memories.

What are the considerations when choosing designer fashion for dogs?


When choosing designer fashion for dogs, there are several important considerations to remember to ensure style and functionality.

When selecting garments and accessories, dog mummies should consider their dog's size, breed, and specific needs.

Additionally, they should prioritise comfort and mobility, opting for soft and lightweight fabrics that allow for freedom of movement.

Given that dogs may be dirty at times, it's also critical to select goods that are simple to keep and clean.

Finally, dog mummies should consider their style preferences and budget when selecting designer fashion for their furry companions, ensuring they find pieces that reflect their tastes and lifestyles.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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designer dog fashion for dog mummies at Mary Puppins

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