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Best Ideas For Cooling Treats For Your Small Breed Dog

Updated: Feb 22

ice lollies

Chilly Delights for Sunny Days: Frozen Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool

As the temperatures rise and the enjoyment of ice lollies or ice cream becomes a summer staple, our furry family members can also relish in the delight of frozen treats, offering them the pawfect way to beat the heat.

With a plethora of wholesome ingredients at your disposal, you can enhance your small breed dog's diet with these delectable frozen concoctions.

Explore these treat combinations for a refreshing twist!

Bite-Sized Frozen Delights

Craft these bite-sized frozen wonders by mixing the following ingredients in an ice cube or biscuit tray, then placing them in the freezer for a delightful array of mini treats: - Banana and yoghurt - Watermelon - Chicken stock - Blueberries and yoghurt - Water and strawberries, crowned with dog-friendly peanut butter

Frozen Kong Enrichment

If you're seeking an alternative to mini frozen bites, consider the frozen Kong method.

Fill your dog's Kong or a similar dog enrichment toy with the above ingredients for an excellent boredom-busting and cooling experience.

While Kongs can also be enjoyed unfrozen, a frozen one will provide lasting entertainment.

Ready-Made Pawsecco Freeze Pops

For those who prefer a no-mess approach, Woof & Brew offers ready-made pawsecco ice lollies, aptly termed "posh-pops."

These pawsecco pops are composed of Elderflower, Linden Blossom, and Ginseng, ensuring a healthy and refreshing cool down.

It's important to note that these pops contain no alcohol or grapes, making them a safe indulgence for your beloved furry companion. At Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, we take delight in elevating your dog's culinary dog food experiences, even in the warmer months.

From frozen delights to ready-made treats, we ensure that your small breed dog's summer is as deliciously cool as it is enjoyable.


What are some homemade cooling treats for small breed dogs?

For homemade cooling treats for small breed dogs, you can make frozen treats using ingredients like yoghurt, peanut butter, or fruit.

Mix well, then pour into ice cube trays or silicone moulds and freeze until solid. Your small breed dog will love these refreshing treats on a hot day!

How to make a pupsicle for your small breed dog?

To make a pupsicle for your small breed dog, blend together ingredients such as plain yoghurt, mashed banana, and a splash of water.

Pour mix into an ice cube tray or popsicle moulds, place a chew toy or dog-safe stick inside of each mould, and freeze until solid.

Your furry family will enjoy licking and chewing on these icy treats to cool down during the summer heat.

Can small breed dogs eat frozen fruits as cooling treats?

Yes, small breed dogs can safely enjoy frozen fruits as cooling treats.

However, be sure to offer them in moderation and choose dog-safe fruits like sliced bananas, strawberries, or blueberries.

Avoid fruits with pits or seeds that could pose a choking hazard, and always remove any skins or pits before serving.

Are there any vet-recommended cooling treats for small breed dogs?

Veterinarians often recommend specialised cooling treats designed specifically for dogs.

These treats may contain ingredients like mint, cucumber, or coconut oil, which can help cool your small breed dog's body temperature and provide relief from the heat.

Look for vet-recommended brands at your local pet store or online.

What are some high-rated businesses' recommendations for cooling treats for small breed dogs?

Here are some recommendations for cooling treats for small breed dogs from high-rated businesses:

J R Pet Supplies 100% Meat Training Treats: 

Even the most delicate of stomachs may appreciate these treats because they are produced entirely of genuine meat and include no chemicals or preservatives.

These high-protein candies come in an array of mouthwateringly rich tastes.

Pet Munchies Training Treats

These treats come in all different flavours, from duck to sushi and are recommended by vets. They're the perfect size for training.

Chicken Training Treats from Zuke's Mini Naturals:  

These miniature candies are the ideal size for young lips. Also, they are easy to carry about in pockets or handbags for training sessions that are on the run.

Milk-Bone Original Small Biscuits

A classic choice, these biscuits are a great value and loved by many dogs.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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