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Quick Tips For Training Your Small Breed Dog's Recall

Updated: Feb 22

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Get your dog to come back to you every time!

Possessing a dependable recall is undoubtedly among the most crucial abilities your small breed dog can acquire. When strolling on a dog walk with your four-legged friend, the ability to unleash them and trust they'll promptly return upon your call is invaluable.


"You can work on your recall training and ensure it doesn't get into any dangerous situations, by building a better bond, trust and partnership. All dogs (and humans!) love 1-2-1 attention, and following these tips will have them coming back with enthusiasm in no time". Country Life


Teaching your dog recall,

while challenging amidst the allure of the world's distractions, is an investment in their safety. You must establish yourself as the most captivating presence, overshadowing other dogs, scents, or diversions that vie for their attention. Drawing insights from the seasoned professionals at Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding, we present their top three tips for instilling a reliable recall.

1. Precision in Recall Cue

Select a succinct and impactful cue, such as "come" or "here," to serve as your dog's recall prompt. Should your dog struggle with hearing, incorporate a visual cue alongside the auditory one. Employ restraint in using your cue repeatedly. Allow your dog a few moments to react before reissuing the call. Frequent repetition might imply the surroundings are too compelling. In such instances, desist from recall attempts to prevent the dog from learning to disregard your summons.

2. Tempting Treats and Engaging Toys

When teaching recall, opt for delectable high-value treats and engaging toys to seize your dog's attention. Initiate dog training at home, luring their focus using their name. Employ your cue and step away, celebrating their approach with commendation, enticing treats, and enthusiastic body language. Acknowledge your dog's response with praise, even if it involves some delay.

3. Gradual Integration of Distractions

After cultivating foundational recall skills at home, extend your practice to the vast external environment. Progressively amplify the distance between you and your dog and introduce heightened distractions. Begin within your garden, advancing to your regular walking route. Utilize an extended training lead before transitioning to off-lead exercises. Encourage your dog to explore before triggering the recall cue. Upon their return, gratify them with a prized treat to reinforce positive associations. If your dog occasionally disregards the cue, approach the situation patiently, guiding them with a lead or extended line. Abstain from pulling, as this can nurture a negative correlation.

How can I improve my small breed dog's recall?

Consistent practice and positive reinforcement can improve your small breed dog's recall.

As your dog improves at responding to the recall command, progressively add additional distractions to the training setting while it's still calm and quiet.

Always reward your dog for returning to you, even if it takes a while.

What are the best techniques for training a small breed dog's recall?

The best techniques for training a small breed dog's recall often involve using a specific command word or sound, rewarding the dog for responding to the command, and gradually increasing the distance and distractions during training.

Using a long leash during training sessions can also be helpful to ensure safety while still allowing your dog some freedom.

Why is recall training important for small breed dogs?

Recall training is important for small breed dogs because it can help keep them safe.

Small breed dogs can be vulnerable in many situations due to their size, and having a reliable recall can ensure that they return to you quickly when called.

It's also a useful tool for managing your dog's behaviour during walks or in public places.

How can I make recall training fun for my small breed dog?

You can make recall training fun for your small breed dog by turning it into a game.

You may play a game of "hide and seek," for instance, in which you hide and call your dog to locate you.

Give your dog a treat or their preferred toy when they locate you. This makes training fun and reinforces the positive association with the recall command.

What should I do if my small breed dog doesn't respond to recall training?

If your small breed dog doesn't respond to recall training, it might be worth consulting with a professional dog trainer.

They can offer customised guidance based on your dog's unique requirements and habits.

It's also important to remember that patience is key. Recall training can take time, and it's critical to maintain your composure and optimism at all times.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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