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How To Stop Reverse Sneezing In VIP Dogs

Updated: Feb 22

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Understanding and Managing Reverse Sneezing in VIP Dogs: A Guide for Small Dogs

Introduction to Reverse Sneezing in VIP Dogs

If you have a VIP dog, you may have noticed that sometimes they make a strange sound that resembles a snort or a wheeze.

This sound is called reverse sneezing, and it is a common occurrence in many dogs, especially small breeds.

But what is reverse sneezing, and why does it happen?

Is it something to worry about, or can it be easily managed?

And how does professional care, such as small dog boarding near me and the dog hotel, help with this condition?

We will respond to all of these queries and more in this blog article so you can better understand and care for your VIP dog.

Some of the questions we will cover are:

- What is reverse sneezing in dogs?

- What causes reverse sneezing in dogs?

- How can I tell if my dog is reverse sneezing or having trouble breathing?

- In what ways may I assist my dog when they sneeze backwards?

- How can small dog boarding near me and the dog hotel help with reverse sneezing in VIP dogs?

What is Reverse Sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is a reflexive action that occurs when the soft palate and throat muscles spasm.

This causes the dog to inhale air rapidly through the nose, making a snorting or wheezing sound.

Reverse sneezing is not actually a sneeze, but rather a reverse of it.

Instead of expelling air out of the nose and mouth, the dog sucks air in through the nose.

Reverse sneezing is usually harmless and does not affect the dog's health or quality of life.

It is not a sign of illness or disease, but rather a normal response to irritation or stimulation of the nasal passages.

Reverse sneezing episodes typically last from a few seconds to a minute, and then stop on their own.

The dog may appear startled or uncomfortable during the episode, but they are not in pain or distress.


"Reverse sneezing is when a dog rapidly sucks air through their nose causing a loud snorting noise. Reverse sneezing can be alarming to see, but is nearly always harmless. Most dogs reverse sneeze because of some sort of irritation at the back of their throat. In most cases, nothing needs to be done about reverse sneezing, but it's sensible to speak to your vet if your dog starts doing it out of the blue, or frequently and severely enough to affect their quality of life." PDSA


Managing Reverse Sneezing in VIP Dogs

While reverse sneezing is not a serious problem, it can be annoying or alarming for both the dog and the owner.

Thankfully, there are a few easy methods to reverse sneezing in VIP dogs and reduce its frequency and intensity. Here are some tips:

- Identify and avoid potential triggers.

Some common triggers for reverse sneezing are dust, pollen, perfume, smoke, cold air, excitement, stress, exercise, pulling on the leash, or eating or drinking too fast.

If you notice that your dog reverse sneezes more often after exposure to certain stimuli, try to limit or eliminate them as much as possible.

- Gently massage your dog's throat.

This can aid in muscular relaxation and the cessation of spasms.

You can also try rubbing your dog's nose or covering their nostrils briefly.

This will encourage them to swallow or lick their nose, which can clear the irritation and end the episode.

- Offer your dog some water.

Water consumption can also aid in throat soothing and nasal passages and stop the reverse sneezing.

- Keep your dog calm and reassured.

Reverse sneezing may be worry-some for some dogs, especially if they sense your anxiety or frustration.

Speak to your dog in a soothing voice and pet them gently until they calm down.

Do not scold or punish your dog for reverse sneezing, as this will only make them more nervous and worsen the condition.

- Consult your vet if the reverse sneezing persists or worsens.

In rare cases, reverse sneezing might indicate a more significant health issue, such as allergies, infections, nasal mites, polyps, tumors, or foreign bodies.

If your dog's reverse sneezing becomes more frequent, severe, or prolonged, or if it is accompanied by other signs of illness such as nasal discharge, bleeding, coughing, gagging, or difficulty breathing, you should seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.

Importance of Small Dog Boarding Near Me and Dog Hotel

One of the best ways to ensure your VIP dog's well-being and happiness is to provide them with professional care when you are away from home.

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, or just need some time off from your busy schedule, you can trust Mary Puppins small dog boarding near me and dog hotel to take good care of your furry family.

Mary Puppins small dog boarding near me and dog hotel are specialisd services that cater to the needs of small dogs like yours.

We offer a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment where your dog can enjoy socialising with other dogs of similar size and temperament, playing with toys and games, relaxing on cosy beds and couches, and receiving lots of love and attention from qualified Dog Nannies.

Mary Puppins small dog boarding near me and dog hotel also understand the challenges that VIP dogs face with reverse sneezing.

We are trained and experienced in handling this condition and can provide your dog with the appropriate care and support.

We can monitor your dog's health and behaviour, avoid potential triggers, administer any medications or supplements, and contact you or your vet if needed.

By choosing Mary Puppins small dog boarding near me and the dog hotel, you can rest assured that your VIP dog is in good hands and having a great time while you are away.

You can also enjoy your own time without worrying about your dog's reverse sneezing or any other issues.

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Common Questions About Reverse Sneezing

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about reverse sneezing in dogs, along with their answers:

Is reverse sneezing contagious?

No, reverse sneezing is not contagious.

It is not caused by a virus or bacteria, but by a physical reaction to irritation or stimulation of the nasal passages.

Your dog cannot catch reverse sneezing from another dog, nor can they pass it on to you or anyone else.

Can reverse sneezing hurt my dog?

No, reverse sneezing does not hurt your dog.

It may look or sound uncomfortable, but it is not painful or harmful.

Your dog is not choking or suffocating, and they are not at risk of any complications from reverse sneezing.

The only exception is if the reverse sneezing is brought on by a fundamental medical problem that needs treatment.

How can I prevent reverse sneezing in my dog?

You cannot completely prevent reverse sneezing in your dog, as it is a natural and normal response to certain stimuli.

However, you can reduce its frequency and intensity by identifying and avoiding potential triggers, keeping your dog's environment clean and allergen-free, maintaining your dog's health and hygiene, and providing them with professional care when needed.

When should I take my dog to the vet for reverse sneezing?

You should take your dog to the vet for reverse sneezing if it becomes more frequent, severe, or prolonged than usual, or if it is accompanied by other signs of illness such as nasal discharge, bleeding, coughing, gagging, or difficulty breathing.

These could indicate an underlying health problem that needs diagnosis and treatment.

What does reverse sneezing look like in dogs? 

Reverse sneezing is when a dog rapidly sucks air inwards through their nose (the opposite of a normal sneeze which expels air).

They often make a loud snorting noise, making them look like they are choking or struggling to catch their breath.

What causes reverse sneezing in dogs? 

Reverse sneezing isn't fully understood, but vets think most dogs do it to clear some irritation at the back of their throat.

Irritation can be caused by pulling on the lead, overexcitement, dust, air fresheners, excessive mucus, allergies, food or drink.

How to stop reverse sneezing in dogs? 

Stay calm and remember that episodes only often last 30 seconds to a minute. Keep your dog calm by speaking to them and stroking them gently.

Some people find that gently rubbing their dog's throat helps. Some find that gently covering one or both nostrils forces their dog to swallow and eliminate the irritation.

Are there any breeds of dog prone to reverse sneezing? 

Yes, small breeds of dog tend to reverse sneeze more than large breeds, and brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds are more likely to reverse sneeze because they often have an overlong soft palate which gets in the way of their windpipe.

What triggers reverse sneezing in dogs? 

Common airborne particles irritating a dog's mouth and nose include dust, pollen, and even smoke. That might cause reverse sneezing fits to expel the bothersome substance.

Is reverse sneezing in dogs dangerous? 

Reverse sneezing is expected and, therefore, not considered hazardous.

If you have a Pug, Shih Tzu or other squat-nosed pooch, it's just part of having a flat-faced breed.

If it happens a lot, however - so much that it impacts their quality of life or significantly disturbs their day-to-day, you should see a vet for possible treatment.

Final Thoughts

Reverse sneezing in dogs is a common and harmless phenomenon that affects many VIP dogs, especially small breeds.

It is not a cause for concern or alarm, but rather a normal reflex that helps clear the nasal passages of irritation or stimulation.

Following a few easy pointers and recommendations, you can manage reverse sneezing in your VIP dog and make them more comfortable and relaxed.

You can also rely on small dog boarding near me and the dog hotel to provide your VIP dog with the best care and support when you are away from home.

We hope that our blog article has clarified things for you and help you to cope with reverse sneezing in your VIP dog.

Remember that reverse sneezing does not affect your dog's happiness or quality of life, and that they are still the same adorable and lovable companion that you cherish.

As long as you give them the love, attention, and care they deserve, they will be happy and healthy.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. For specific veterinary dog health advice, contact a veterinary pet healthcare provider.

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Our commitment is to ensure your small breed dogs are treated like family, receiving top-notch attention and care.

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Reverse sneezing, vip dogs, mary puppins the dog hotel, small dog boarding near me

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