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Four dogs on a walk
Small breed dog asleep on cosy bed at Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding


drop off 4:00pm - collection 10:00am next day

Charged at VIP package rate 



  £85 / night  

We ALWAYS have a trial overnight with all new dogs before their main home from home dog boarding stay.

This is so that your little dog gets to explore our house and garden in their own time, get to know us and our dogs Missy and Winnie, and get used to different smells and family routine.  

We take them for a dog walk locally to see how they are out and about. We have fun with them with lots of playing.

We feed them and give them healthy treats. And of course, lots of strokes and love.



Small breed dog on piano stool at Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding in Cheshire

We see where they like to sleep. We get to know their character and preferences, and they learn to feel safe and trust us.



Then when it's time for the main home from home dog boarding stay, they come to us excited to see us and happily slot right in to their second home! 

We keep trial overnights slightly shorter so that your little one knows you are coming back for them after their positive home from home dog boarding experience with us. 

It is a dry run for how they will cope without you and in our home dog boarding environment. 

You MUST be available to collect them early if we assess that they are not coping and need to go home. 

Your dog's welfare is our top priority.

All home dog boarding bookings are only confirmed once a successful trial overnight has been completed. 

There are no exceptions to this. 


This means that we do not accept any last minute bookings for dogs we have never met.  The registration process including a trial overnight usually takes a couple of weeks to complete depending on our availability.  Our clients check our availability up to 1 year in advance and before they book their holidays. 

Trial overnights are crucial for successful

home from home dog boarding stays

and are non-negotiable

Small breed dog on seat at Mary Puppins Luxury Dog Home Boarding in Cheshire
“Mary Puppins provides an excellent holiday experience for your little dog. He was very well cared for in every way and I would recommend them to anyone - you can be sure they are having the best time!"

Julie  (Barney)

VIP Luxury Dog Home Boarding Client, Cheshire

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